Internet filtering company SurfControl has enhanced its Cyber Patrol web content filtering software. The upgraded version—Cyber Patrol 6.0—offers school officials the ability to customize 40 categories of content to the needs of a class or even a specific student.

Filtered material includes more than 2.4 million web sites—800,000 of which have been identified as web addresses for pornographic solicitation. The latest software also allows officials to block the use of internet chat rooms and memory-consuming MP3 downloads. Cyber Patrol 6.0 can even wipe out the flow of incoming junk mail to a school’s eMail server, according to the company.

The product’s new “threshold rules” allow schools to be more flexible in how they manage internet content. “Threshold rules” enable decision-makers to give older, more mature students greater discretion in what sites they can access, based on the amount of time and total bandwidth used in a given day.

“The new ‘threshold rules’ answer the call from schools that want to give students or faculty greater surfing freedom and allow them to manage their own time more effectively,” said Cyber Patrol Product Marketing Manager Bob Kessinger.

Pricing for Cyber Patrol 6.0 varies depending on the number of workstations. Schools looking to install the product on 100 workstations can expect to pay $1,779; for 250 workstations, the price rises to $3,557.

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