EDSITEment, the National Endowment for the Humanities’ collection of the internet’s best humanities resources for K-12 teachers, has grown from 105 to 131 peer-reviewed web sites, the agency recently announced. The web sites cover the fields of social studies, history, literature, foreign languages, art, and culture. “EDSITEment provides K-12 teachers with in-depth, accurate, ready-to-use internet materials on humanities topics,” said NEH Chairman William Ferris. Every web site linked to EDSITEment has been selected by a panel of teachers and other educators on the basis of excellence in content, site design, and ease of use by teachers, Ferris explained. “It is truly a national resource for all teachers, students, and lifelong learners,” he said. The site includes three special teaching aids, a monthly calendar of historical events with links to related content, a list of lesson plans by subject and developmental level, and a monthly feature highlighting lesson plans and web sites on a different theme each month. EDSITEment is administered by NEH in partnership with WorldCom Foundation, the Council of the Great City Schools, and the National Trust for the Humanities. Launched in October 1997 with links to 20 top humanities web sites, EDSITEment grew to 49 sites in 1998, 72 in 1999, 105 in 2000, and now 131 in 2001.

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