Save big on these Lightware digital projectors

Lightware Inc. has substantially lowered the price of two of its 5.6-pound portable projectors. Based on Texas Instruments digital light processing (DPL) technology, the 1,000-lumen XGA Traveler and the 1,000-lumen SVGA Traveler CS-11 are now $2,995 (originally $3,495) and $1,995 (originally $2,495), respectively.

Both projectors have full multimedia capabilities that are ideal for the classroom. The projectors are light enough to share easily within a school building. They include a HyperZoom feature that lets users enlarge tiny details on the screen or draw attention to key ideas. In addition, the Traveler series projectors have manual focus, manual and digital zoom, and a digital keystone correction functionality, which lets you square the image even in difficult set-up conditions.

With the projectors’ three-in-one remote, user can adjust projector settings, simulate PC mouse commands, or access a laser pointer. The projectors can connect to virtually any video source, allowing users to switch between PCs, DVDs, digital camcorders, and television easily.

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Tool Factory offers two levels of presentation software

Tool Factory Inc. now offers two versions of its Multimedia Lab presentation software for two different age groups.

According to the company, younger students can build stunning projects, slide shows, presentations, and creative stories using Junior Multimedia Lab. The software’s drag-and-drop feature lets students easily add pictures, animate characters, and link buttons. Children who have difficulty speaking in front of the class can record their own narration right into their presentations.

The software’s Gallery offers hundreds of clip-art pictures. In addition, it has a colorful interface that shows thumbnails of each page down the left-hand side of the screen. Students can adjust the properties of each page, choose background colors, add videos, and upload their own digital images.

Multimedia Lab V has more features for the advanced user, such as web authoring tools. Students can add dozens of buttons, controls, and special effects to their web pages without typing a single line of code.

Multimedia Lab V also includes a number of templates that can be used for newspapers or calendars. It even supports JavaScript, MPEG, MP3, Flash, and animated GIFs.

The suggested retail price for Multimedia Lab V is $99.95. However, an unlimited single building network license is $999.50, and entire school district licenses are addressed individually.

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Get online in minutes with this Sun Cobalt server appliance

The Sun Cobalt Qube 3 server appliance is a complete intranet and internet server in a box. It includes all the necessary tools and applications needed to provide any school with a web presence quickly and easily.

The plug-and-play device allows users to launch a web site full of rich content, provide a secure internet connection to a classroom, create and manage an eMail system, and share documents and files across the network. It comes preconfigured, so even novice users can begin web site hosting, eMail service, and file storing in minutes.

The Qube 3 server is designed to support as many as 150 user accounts, and it can also handle more than 35 million web objects and 400,000 eMail messages in a single day. Made by Sun Microsystems Inc., the Sun Cobalt Qube 3 costs $1,400 and is designed to require little maintenance.

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TaskStream adds new feature to its online teacher tools

TaskStream has added a new feature, called Mybrary, to its all-in-one family of web-based tools for teacher-to-teacher mentoring, professional development, and instructional design.

Mybrary lets teachers make individual digital folios to create and share instructional resources. Using the utility, teachers can upload documents, videos, and web links to share with others.

TaskStream’s Tools of Engagement already enable teachers to create lesson plans that correspond to national, state, and local standards, as well as assessment rubrics. The addition of Mybrary “is another significant step in the planned evolution of the TaskStream Tools of Engagement as a comprehensive suite of tools to address the growing need of K-12 learning communities and preservice teaching institutions,” said Kevin Doyle, president and chief executive of TaskStream.

A subscription to the whole suite of tools costs $60 per user, per year, for more than 100 users, or $100 per year for individual teachers.

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Track and manage technology assets with AbsoluteTrack

AbsoluteTrack, from Absolute Software Corp., helps school and business network administrators track technology assets and conduct inventories of their hardware and software. This PC-compatible software securely manages software licenses, computer leases, machine configurations, PC retirement, hardware and software upgrades, and device ownership.

AbsoluteTrack enables school officials to keep track of what computer assets they have, where they are, who has them, what software is installed, and what general condition they are in. The software also alerts network administrators when certain events occur—such as when a lease payment is due. The program even monitors security policy violations and helps protect computers from theft or loss.

The price per unit for one to 99 licenses of AbsoluteTrack is $19.95. This includes one year of monitoring and comprehensive asset tracking and inventory management. Two, three, and four-year service terms and volume discounts also are available.

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