The Sun Cobalt Qube 3 server appliance is a complete intranet and internet server in a box. It includes all the necessary tools and applications needed to provide any school with a web presence quickly and easily.

The plug-and-play device allows users to launch a web site full of rich content, provide a secure internet connection to a classroom, create and manage an eMail system, and share documents and files across the network. It comes preconfigured, so even novice users can begin web site hosting, eMail service, and file storing in minutes.

The Qube 3 server is designed to support as many as 150 user accounts, and it can also handle more than 35 million web objects and 400,000 eMail messages in a single day. Made by Sun Microsystems Inc., the Sun Cobalt Qube 3 costs $1,400 and is designed to require little maintenance.

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