Lightware Inc. has substantially lowered the price of two of its 5.6-pound portable projectors. Based on Texas Instruments digital light processing (DPL) technology, the 1,000-lumen XGA Traveler and the 1,000-lumen SVGA Traveler CS-11 are now $2,995 (originally $3,495) and $1,995 (originally $2,495), respectively.

Both projectors have full multimedia capabilities that are ideal for the classroom. The projectors are light enough to share easily within a school building. They include a HyperZoom feature that lets users enlarge tiny details on the screen or draw attention to key ideas. In addition, the Traveler series projectors have manual focus, manual and digital zoom, and a digital keystone correction functionality, which lets you square the image even in difficult set-up conditions.

With the projectors’ three-in-one remote, user can adjust projector settings, simulate PC mouse commands, or access a laser pointer. The projectors can connect to virtually any video source, allowing users to switch between PCs, DVDs, digital camcorders, and television easily.

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