Tool Factory Inc. now offers two versions of its Multimedia Lab presentation software for two different age groups.

According to the company, younger students can build stunning projects, slide shows, presentations, and creative stories using Junior Multimedia Lab. The software’s drag-and-drop feature lets students easily add pictures, animate characters, and link buttons. Children who have difficulty speaking in front of the class can record their own narration right into their presentations.

The software’s Gallery offers hundreds of clip-art pictures. In addition, it has a colorful interface that shows thumbnails of each page down the left-hand side of the screen. Students can adjust the properties of each page, choose background colors, add videos, and upload their own digital images.

Multimedia Lab V has more features for the advanced user, such as web authoring tools. Students can add dozens of buttons, controls, and special effects to their web pages without typing a single line of code.

Multimedia Lab V also includes a number of templates that can be used for newspapers or calendars. It even supports JavaScript, MPEG, MP3, Flash, and animated GIFs.

The suggested retail price for Multimedia Lab V is $99.95. However, an unlimited single building network license is $999.50, and entire school district licenses are addressed individually.

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