Adobe’s new web design bundle is a bargain

Adobe Systems Inc. is offering two newly upgraded web design programs to education customers at an unbeatable price. Adobe LiveMotion 2.0 and Adobe GoLive 6.0 normally sell for $399 each, but schools can buy these two products bundled together for $79.99.

With Adobe LiveMotion 2.0, teachers and students can design animated Macromedia Flash and QuickTime content for the web presentations, educational games, and other projects quickly and easily. LiveMotion enables users to animate objects, pictures, and designs without writing complicated code. The latest version of LiveMotion is now more compatible with Adobe’s Photoshop and Illustrator than ever before; users simply drag and drop items created in Photoshop or Illustrator into LiveMotion to open the file. Files created in LiveMotion also work seamlessly with Adobe’s other products, GoLive and After Effects.

Changes to Adobe GoLive, which is used to build web sites, allow designers to produce web sites that can be accessed by a variety of wireless devices. The software allows users to preview the page as it would appear on a wide variety of wireless devices, including Nokia and i-mode telephones. In addition, GoLive 6.0 offers the Web Workgroup Server, a web site management tool that allows builders to change, share, and manage files. The new Site Diagram feature allows web designers to create an easily sharable or printable map of the web site links between its various pages.

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TI’s Voyage 200: Not just a graphing calculator

Voyage 200, the newest educational device from Texas Instruments, is designed to help students understand math, but it’s much more than just a graphing calculator. This handheld computer features a wide range of multicurricular software programs, while offering three times more Flash memory than the T1-92 Plus. Its iconic desktop lets students navigate between software programs for creating spreadsheets or study cards, taking notes, analyzing statistics, calculating finances, and scheduling.

“Educators are telling us that they want more functionality to allow handheld products to be used in courses beyond math and science. At the same time, existing users don’t want to have to learn a new interface, so we’re enhancing the familiar,” said Tom Ferrio, vice president of Texas Instruments’ Educational and Productivity Solutions.

In addition, the Voyage 200 features an array of advanced mathematical applications for students to tackle, including the Computer Algebra System for manipulating mathematical expressions and functions and Geometer’s Sketchpad for constructing, analyzing, and transforming mathematical models and geometric diagrams.

The Voyage 200 comes with an ergonomic case, a QWERTY key pad for taking notes, and connects to a computer via a USB cable so users can download additional software and data files. The Voyage 200 has a suggested price of $200.

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New School Edition from Britannica Online

Reference publisher Encyclopedia Britannica has launched Britannica Online School Edition, a web-based reference product suitable for all K-12 researchers. The School Edition enables students to search through three sets of encyclopedias, each geared toward different age groups: elementary, middle, and high school.

The product features access to more than 115,000 articles, 24,000 biographies, and a student dictionary and thesaurus. But unlike anything found in books, the online encyclopedia also gives students access to historical multimedia videos and sounds. Students can search through more than 2,600 videos of famous speeches and world events. The site also includes access to world atlases and detailed maps of 196 countries, as well as worksheets, lesson plans, and special features on topics such as Black History or Shakespeare.

Britannica Online School Edition is available to schools through an annual subscription fee; for pricing, contact the company directly.

Intel’s Digital Movie Creator is ideal for young students

The Intel Play Digital Movie Creator, an easy-to-use digital video camera designed specifically for children, is a great way to introduce students to storytelling at a young age.

The device enables children to film their own movies by capturing up to four minutes of video and audio or hundreds of snapshots at one time. Once all the footage has been shot, children can use a computer to enhance the film with titles, transitions, special effects, and sounds. Students can watch their movies on the computer and send them to their teacher or parents via the internet.

The suggested price for the Digital Movie Creator is $99. This price includes a camera with a built-in microphone, camera base with a connected USB cable, movie-making software on CD-ROM containing stock footage from National Geographic and NASA, and an activity guide.

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Host virtual meetings online with Polycom’s WebOffice

Polycom’s new WebOffice software allows users to hold meetings over the internet or an intranet while integrating video, voice, and data. In real time, participants can use WebOffice to speak to one other while viewing the same documents or video on their personal computers.

Schools can use WebOffice to improve communication between school buildings and allow staff members to attend meetings remotely to accommodate their busy schedules.

Participants can make notes or marks on the shared document—such as a PowerPoint presentation or word processing file—so everyone is can see the changes at the same time. Each annotation appears in a different color to identify who made it.

In addition to sharing documents, WebOffice users can share applications or desktops in a secure, interactive environment. This remote desktop control feature is especially useful for help desk personnel, so they can not only talk staff members through a problem, they can show them through it.

Users can set up a virtual office by creating a unique web address, similar to their eMail address. Anyone can meet in this virtual office by entering the web address into their browser. To operate WebOffice, users only need a computer, an internet connection, and a web browser (preferably Microsoft Internet Explorer.)

As a cost-saving measure, schools can implement and host Web Office themselves without having to rely on another service provider. WebOffice is firewall-friendly and easy to install.

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New math software from Riverdeep-The Learning Co.

Destination Math 5.0, the latest release in the Destination series of mathematics software from Riverdeep-The Learning Co., includes all previous courses plus new courses for K-3 learners, making it a complete math solution for grades K-12.

The Destination Math series is built around a carefully sequenced, comprehensive curriculum featuring guided tutorials, hands-on interactivity, and step-by-step problem solving strategies. Lessons are correlated to state and national standards, as well as to major textbooks. The new K-3 coursework introduces early learners to math concepts in real-life context.

“The latest version of Destination Math exemplifies our push to provide the most comprehensive K-12 learning tools possible to children, teachers, and parents,” said Gail Pierson, president of Riverdeep’s product development and operations. Destination Math also incorporates Riverdeep’s Learning Management System, which offers standards-based testing, instant reports, prescriptive assignments, and other evaluation tools.

The Destination Math series is available online or via CD-ROM.

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