Recently, Learning Network and the National Science Teachers Association (NSTA) teamed up to publish a monthly electronic newsletter, called “Science Monthly,” aimed at providing science teachers with new and timely activities, lesson plans, and resources for use in the classroom. The newsletter, which is eMailed to subscribers at no cost, pulls information and activities from NSTA’s archives, as well as books published by the NSTA Press. Each month, the newsletter aims to cover a new and timely scientific theme. The initial issue covered animal adaptations to the changing of seasons. Other newsletter topics will include nutrition, classroom safety, careers in science, soil, Earth Day, summer solstice, and assessment. “Our goal is to put lesson plans in the hands of teachers at the time that will help them the most,” said Gerry Wheeler, executive director of NSTA. “Our editorial calendar was developed carefully to make the newsletter useful, relevant, and meaningful to what teachers are teaching and when they are teaching it.” Teachers can subscribe to this new resource from Learning Network’s TeacherVision web portal, which contains dozens of additional teaching resources-including six other eMail newsletters covering a variety of additional topics.