The recently founded State Education Technology Director’s Association (SETDA) is the first professional organization to bring together educational technology directors from all 50 states. As the principal association representing the nation’s state ed-tech directors, SETDA aims to promote national leadership in educational technology, provide professional development for state technology directors, and build partnerships to advance learning opportunities and improve student achievement through technology. On Jan. 8, the organization named its executive director, Melinda George, who previously headed up the educational technology initiatives for the Software and Information Industry Association. SETDA’s offices are being established in Arlington, Va. “Given the role of the states in enacting the new federal [education law], plus all the work they’ve done with the eRate, I think this association is going to be very important and influential in the coming months,” said John Bailey, director of the U.S. Department of Education’s Office of Education Technology. The organization’s web site contains news updates and press announcements, as well as links to all 50 state ed-tech directors’ offices.