NOVA Online now offers teachers quick access to more than 500 of the popular science program’s educational resources in its expanded Teachers site, which includes a searchable database of program information, activities, and other classroom tools. The ever-growing collection includes detailed content summaries for most NOVA programs since 1993, along with information on which videos are for sale and how to purchase them. It also features more than 125 printable and 100 online activities with grade-level designations in anthropology, archaeology, chemistry, earth science, forensics, health science, life science, mathematics, paleontology, physical science, and space science. Teachers can use the site to access resources for cross-curricular connections in the areas of social studies, science and society, and technological design; gain ideas from other teachers on how they are using NOVA in the classroom; find links to available resources for each NOVA program by program title; join an eMail list to receive weekly updates on upcoming broadcasts and new web sites; learn about NOVA’s Featured Teachers and how to become one; peruse information about taping rights and suggestions for using videos in the classroom; and order NOVA’s printed teacher’s guide. In addition, the expanded Teachers site gives educators access to curricula from other science specials from the producers of NOVA, including, “A Science Odyssey,” “Building Big,” and the recently broadcast “Evolution” series.