Polycom’s new WebOffice software allows users to hold meetings over the internet or an intranet while integrating video, voice, and data. In real time, participants can use WebOffice to speak to one other while viewing the same documents or video on their personal computers.

Schools can use WebOffice to improve communication between school buildings and allow staff members to attend meetings remotely to accommodate their busy schedules.

Participants can make notes or marks on the shared document—such as a PowerPoint presentation or word processing file—so everyone is can see the changes at the same time. Each annotation appears in a different color to identify who made it.

In addition to sharing documents, WebOffice users can share applications or desktops in a secure, interactive environment. This remote desktop control feature is especially useful for help desk personnel, so they can not only talk staff members through a problem, they can show them through it.

Users can set up a virtual office by creating a unique web address, similar to their eMail address. Anyone can meet in this virtual office by entering the web address into their browser. To operate WebOffice, users only need a computer, an internet connection, and a web browser (preferably Microsoft Internet Explorer.)

As a cost-saving measure, schools can implement and host Web Office themselves without having to rely on another service provider. WebOffice is firewall-friendly and easy to install.

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