Voyage 200, the newest educational device from Texas Instruments, is designed to help students understand math, but it’s much more than just a graphing calculator. This handheld computer features a wide range of multicurricular software programs, while offering three times more Flash memory than the T1-92 Plus. Its iconic desktop lets students navigate between software programs for creating spreadsheets or study cards, taking notes, analyzing statistics, calculating finances, and scheduling.

“Educators are telling us that they want more functionality to allow handheld products to be used in courses beyond math and science. At the same time, existing users don’t want to have to learn a new interface, so we’re enhancing the familiar,” said Tom Ferrio, vice president of Texas Instruments’ Educational and Productivity Solutions.

In addition, the Voyage 200 features an array of advanced mathematical applications for students to tackle, including the Computer Algebra System for manipulating mathematical expressions and functions and Geometer’s Sketchpad for constructing, analyzing, and transforming mathematical models and geometric diagrams.

The Voyage 200 comes with an ergonomic case, a QWERTY key pad for taking notes, and connects to a computer via a USB cable so users can download additional software and data files. The Voyage 200 has a suggested price of $200.

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