MathAccess, a new diagnostic mathematics assessment test from Vantage Learning, adapts to a student’s proficiency level, enabling schools to identify students’ math skills quickly, intervene when necessary, and provide custom curriculum accordingly.

MathAccess provides a cross-section of a student’s math ability and helps schools identify where students need more math instruction. It evaluates students on a common scale across grade levels, allowing schools to track student progress from year to year. This web-based, computer-adaptive software, which is based on technology that is used in more than 40 states and was most recently adopted by Virginia, can be customized to meet specific state or district needs.

“Until now, states [and school districts have] lacked an effective tool to diagnose student mathematic skills at an instructionally useful level,” said Vantage Learning CEO Peter Murphy. “Now, schools will have the ability to quickly and accurately determine where students need further mathematics instruction.”

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