The Lightspan Reading Center, a new online reading program for grades K-3, allows students to work at their own pace, whether they are prereaders or fluent readers. It provides real-time, online tracking of individual student progress by skill and objective, so teachers can assess areas of concern or strength quickly.

Designed especially for young students, the Lightspan Reading Center program provides step-by-step audio instructions that encourage students to complete interactive activities and move onto higher levels of achievement. Students will learn vocabulary building, comprehension, word analysis, phonics, study skills, critical thinking, and more.

In addition to the classroom tools, the Reading Center includes online and face-to-face professional development to help teachers stay current on the most recent research on reading and instructional approaches. It also includes a family-training component to increase family involvement and increase the school-home connection.

The Reading Center is part of Lightspan’s Early Reading program and is not intended to be used in isolation, said Lightspan spokesman Bob Scheid. The program was co-developed by teachers at Allen Independent School District in Texas and curriculum specialists at Lightspan Inc. and was partly funded by a Technology Innovation Challenge Grant from the U.S. Department of Education.

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