As more and more schools provide laptops for students and teachers, the Caveo Anti-Theft security system is an attractive option for making sure they remain with their rightful owners.

Caveo Anti-Theft, a security solution for laptop computers from Cambridge, Mass.-based Caveo Technology, has a built-in motion detector. When the PC card-like device detects motion, a warning signal goes off. If an armed computer is moved beyond a distance specified by the owner, the system assumes theft and initiates a series of security responses that include shutting down the computer, preventing access to the operating system, and sounding an audible alarm. The device also has an encryption option to protect confidential data.

The system is independent of the computer. Whether the computer is on or off, Caveo Anti-Theft can be armed or disarmed conveniently using the device’s Motion Password. The device can work for more than three weeks before its rechargeable battery needs charging.

“Laptop theft is a major concern and a costly problem that grows worse as the laptop increasingly becomes the computer of choice,” said David Lee, founder and CEO of Caveo Technology. The Caveo Anti-Theft device costs $99 and is available through a number of retailers, online catalogs, and resellers.

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