Excavate fun cave information at the “Virtual Cave”

Earth science teachers will love this new site about caves, where students can view numerous photos of a variety of caves and cave formations, from spelunkers Djuna Bewley and Dave Bunnell. These two caving enthusiasts have photographed some amazing underground formations and have arranged their library of images under specific cave groupings. Solution caves are the caves most people are familiar with. Dissolved out of limestone by acidic water, they can contain an astounding variety of speleothem formations, such as stalactites and stalagmites. Caves also can be formed from superheated melted rock digging tunnels through the earth’s crust, and these are called lava tubes. The lava tube section is the newest addition to the Virtual Cave web site and has 36 rooms to explore. Erosional caves may be carved into a variety of substances, including granite, sandstone, and even ice, by the power of water and wind-borne particles. Finally, students can safely examine the little-known and often-treacherous sea caves that are carved out of rock by the power of oceans, currents, and tides.


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