Make a map of the night sky using “Sky Chart”

Stargazing just got a whole lot more fun with the advent of this web site. Now, you can look up at the stars and actually know which constellation you’re looking at. Available at the new Sky & Telescope magazine web site, the interactive Sky Chart simulates a naked-eye view of the sky from any location on Earth, at any time of day or night, on any date from 1600 to 2400. Sky Chart links an extensive database of celestial objects and geographic locations. Users simply enter their city and country location and their time zone to view an enlargeable and printable map of the sky visible in their neighborhood that night. “It’s like having your own personalized planetarium,” notes Alen Yen, president and creative director of Interactive Factory, designers of the Sky Chart. Sky & Telescope has been a source of information for current and aspiring astronomy practitioners worldwide since 1941. In addition to the Sky Chart, the new Sky & Telescope web site incorporates a personalized almanac, searchable magazine archives, enhanced store, and expanded content.

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