New guide helps schools train teachers to use technology

A new professional development book aimed at helping school and university leaders train K-12 teachers how to integrate technology into their instruction is now available from the International Society for Technology In Education (ISTE).

The group that in June 2000 published the first set of comprehensive standards for what teachers should know about technologycalled the National Educational Technology Standards (NETS) for Teachersnow offers Preparing Teachers to Use Technology, which provides a valuable resource for preservice and in-service teacher professional development across all grade levels and content areas.

According to Peggy Kelly, the book’s editor, cutbacks in education funding have created a huge demand for effective teacher training resources.

“Teachers today often face classrooms of students more technologically literate than they are,” she notes. “Preparing Teachers to Use Technology provides essential teacher training information about integrating technology into a classroom setting using effective teaching practices.”

The nearly 400-page book, which ISTE calls “the first to comprehensively outline models for standards-based integration of technology for teacher education,” was created by consensus.

Writing teams of teachers and teacher educators from around the country collaborated to develop teacher preparation standards, assessments, and conditions that facilitate the use of technology to support student learning. The guide includes:

• Thirty-two demonstration lessons covering math, science, social studies, and language arts in early childhood, elementary, middle school, and secondary programs;

• Eight demonstration lessons for foundations courses; and

• Separate chapters devoted to model strategies, assessment, student teaching and internship programs, first-year teaching, and staff development.

The book is a companion to the ISTE publication NETS for Students: Connecting Curriculum and Technology. But while Connecting Curriculum and Technology is a guide to implementing ISTE’s student technology standards, Preparing Teachers to Use Technology helps schools implement the group’s teacher standards.

You can get more information about Preparing Teachers to Use Technology, including a 17-page excerpt, the table of contents, and ordering information, at The price for a single copy is $49.95 for non-members and $44.95 for ISTE members. Special bulk pricing is also available.

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