The Mona Lisa is a click away at this Louvre web site

The web site for the Louvre, arguably the most famous art museum in the world, allows students to drop in on the Mona Lisa, examine precious Etruscan artifacts, and take a virtual tour of one of the world’s most celebrated cultural centers. A special education site called—developed by the French Ministry of Education as a means to promote internet use in schools—includes lesson plans and an option for students to create their own personal art libraries, but these options unfortunately are available only in French. However, the Louvre’s English-language web site provides online access to more than 3,000 works of art and 350 exhibit halls. Through this site, teachers can expose their students to several historical artifacts and timeless pieces of art that have never been available online before. History and language teachers can take their classes on a tour of ancient Mesopotamia or send them to explore Middle Eastern culture, while art instructors can use their time at the Louvre to develop slide shows that focus on many of history’s most awe-inspiring paintings and sculptures. Interactive options include a virtual tour of the entire museum, a library of historical facts, updated news and museum announcements, and a history page.

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