For Earth Day – Kids and Rare Species Connect Online

A new environmental education and technology program, “Raptors in the City”, offers an in-depth study of the life-cycle of the peregrine falcon, with an intimate view into falcon family life at the nest site. “Raptors in the City” is in its first year of operation in a variety of classrooms, after school settings, and mentoring programs across the nation, as well as being used by bird watchers at home. The program is rich in educational content, based on national science and technology standards, and has many cross-curricular applications. “Raptors in the City” is designed for ease of use, even for computer-challenged teachers, parents and mentors. The children are assigned tasks to research, both on the Internet and in books, and they earn rewards for their work. The site also teaches the lesson of endangered species from the positive perspective that species can be helped and saved. It also teaches a gamut of environmental, biological, and technological lessons, as well as research skills. The ultimate aim of the program is to encourage children to care about the future of all species.

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