Calendar of Events


May 6-7

Arlington, Va. National Information Technology Workforce Convocation. Sponsored by the Information Technology Association of America, this event will bring together national leaders from the IT industry, education, and government to discuss ways to build America’s IT workforce and to highlight programs that are expanding education and training opportunities for all groups. Sessions will be organized around four major tracks: Education in the eEnvironment; Recruitment and Retention; Public-Private Partnerships; and Diversity and Image.

Contact: (703) 284-5330

May 7-24

St. Louis; Overland Park, Kan.; Tulsa, Okla.; Wichita, Kan.; Des Moines, Iowa; Lincoln, Neb. The Power of Technology in the Elementary Classroom Workshop. Sponsored by the Agency for Instructional Technology, this one-day workshop is targeted at elementary school teachers, principals, technology supervisors, and library media specialists. Participants will learn techniques for improving student motivation and performance through the implementation of various forms of technology: video-based instruction, the internet, digital cameras, and video and electronic portfolios.

Contact: (800) 457-4509

May 13-24

St. Louis; Arlington Heights, Ill.; Indianapolis; Louisville, Ky,; Cincinnati; Columbus, Ohio. Now That We’ve Bought This Stuff, What Are We Going To Do With It? Workshop. Sponsored by the Agency for Instructional Technology, this fast-paced, humorous, one-day workshop focuses on instructional practice and the use of technology as a tool to actively engage students in the learning process and to impact student learning. It includes a look at national and state-level content standards and examines the role state assessment policies play in instructional choice.

Contact: (800) 457-4509

May 16-17

New York City; Columbia University Education Technology Summit 2002. Sponsored by the Teachers College at Columbia University, this high-level, highly interactive conference will mark a step toward bridging the gap between technological innovation and the needs of educational institutions. Emerging educational technologies offer the opportunity to rethink education from the ground up, and conference-goers will be challenged to ask what schools could do if they had the right technologies. About 600 attendees and more than 30 exhibit booths are expected.

Contact: (203) 840-5345


June 13-19

Atlanta. American Library Association Annual Conference 2002. This conference expects to pull in 25,000 librarians, educators, writers, publishers, and special guests, and close to 1,600 vendors in the exhibit hall. The event will include more than 2,000 meetings, discussion groups, and programs on topics affecting libraries. Attendees can choose one of seven tracks to follow, depending on their interests: administration and management, children and young adults, collections management, digital libraries, issues and updates, service programs, or staff recruitment, development, and management.

Contact: (800) 545-2433

June 17-19

San Antonio. National Educational Computing Conference (NECC) 2002: A Nexus in Texas. At the 23rd annual NECC, sponsored by the National Educational Computing Association, some 10,000 educators from across the globe are expected to converge in the Lone Star State to explore the opportunities and innovations of education in the 21st century. Keynote speakers, workshops, birds-of-a-feather sessions, and one of the largest ed-tech exhibit halls in the world characterize this annual event.

Contact: (800) 280-6218

June 25-28

Copper Mountain, Colo. Technology in Education (TIE) Conference 2002: Teaming With Technology. Colorado’s TIE offers this hands-on conference to model the use of technology integration into the classroom for teachers, trainers, school administrators, board members, tech coordinators, and facility managers. Last year’s conference featured more than 165 different workshops and spotlight sessions with more than 140 presenters, mostly classroom teachers.

Contact: (303) 772-0266


July 20-21

Seattle. Exploring the Future of Learning: A ThinkQuest Live Event. Co-hosted by the University of Washington and Advanced Network and Services, the nonprofit organization that created the internationally renowned ThinkQuest programs, this event is a unique, hands-on, in-depth exploration of today’s most promising emerging technologies and pedagogies—and the opportunities and challenges they bring to the future of learning. It will combine an interactive technology and learning laboratory with a series of in-depth discussions facilitated by a group of renowned thinkers in learning and technology.


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