APTE Inc., maker of the Internet Coach web learning software, has developed a digital photo kit with all the tools students and teachers need to add photos to classroom projects.

The Deluxe Edition Digital Photo Activity Kit enables students to take their own digital photos and use them with a variety of writing exercises to create unique newsletters, book reports, picture frames, and more. The kit includes a teacher’s activity book, a digital camera that can hold up to 80 photos, and two CD-ROMs. There are 50 templates in the program’s seven activity centers that make it easy to integrate photos, clip art, and web images into children’s creations.

Each kit includes a Writing Center section to create documents; a Movie Maker section to create movies from students’ photos; a Travel Center to create passports, maps, and travel journals; a Special Events section to create greeting cards and posters; a Craft Corner to create picture frames and stickers; and the Picture Games section, to incorporate photos into one of five games. The teacher’s guide is loaded with camera projects and writing activities to help get teachers started.

The Internet Coach Digital Photo Activity Kit Deluxe Edition costs $99.95. It is also available without a camera for $64.95.

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