Sergeant Laboratories has introduced a new network security system, called Aristotle. The Wisconsin-based company developed Aristotle to be a desktop usage monitor that tracks student computing at the desktop level and automatically notifies instructors in the case of unusual or dangerous activity.

The software lets school administrators virtually “walk the halls” of the school’s network to see what students are doing in order to catch hate mail, threats, or racial epithets as they are being typed. In one case, Aristotle reportedly detected a depressed student composing a suicide letter and automatically informed the school’s administration via eMail. In addition, Aristotle generates information reports that describe students’ and staff members’ computer use, such as which applications are being used by whom and when. Aristotle also conducts web site searching and filtering of inappropriate content.

Built as a network appliance, Aristotle just needs to be plugged in and turned on. It automatically starts reporting and responding to your school’s network configuration. Pricing begins at $5,400 to support 100 computers.

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