New digital projector from PLUS Vision

PLUS Vision of America has unveiled a new, lightweight mobile projector that includes a CompactFlash card insert and presentation download software, eliminating the need for presenters to carry a PC.

The 5.6-pound U2-X2000 projector, which uses Texas Instruments’ Digital Light Processing (DPL) technology, uses digital connectivity, including a Digitial Video Interface, which means it doesn’t need to convert images to analog. It also features a chalkboard function that lets the presenter use a mouse to draw images directly on the screen, as well as digital and manual zoom, manual focus, and a remote control.

The projector contains full multimedia capabilities and supports the latest video standards, including HDTV with 480p, 720p, and 1080i High Definition imaging. It can connect to any video source and quickly switch between PCs, DVDs, digital camcorders, and TVs.

PLUS Vision is the new entity resulting from the January merger of PLUS Corp. of America and Lightware Inc. The U2-X2000 has a suggested retail price of $6,495.

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