Soliloquy Learning, a new K-12 company that aims to help young students learn to read, has introduced its flagship product, the Soliloquy Reading Assistant. According to the company, this software advances reading fluency and comprehension of young readers using speech-recognition technology to provide immediate feedback to students as they practice oral reading.

Aimed at grades two to five, the software allows students to choose fiction or nonfiction passages from magazines such as Cricket, Spider, Click, and Ladybug. Students can choose to listen to a model of fluent reading or begin reading independently. If they get stuck on a word, they can click to hear the correct pronunciation. Words that needed prompting are color-coded for extra attention. Students also can hear their reading played back or take vocabulary or comprehension quizzes.

“We’re interested in providing teachers with tools that will allow them to be more effective, automate their evaluation of children’s readings, and better leverage their precious time,” said Bruce Bower, chief executive of Soliloquy Learning. He added that the Soliloquy Reading Assistant is “based on well-known and accepted educational science.”

The Soliloquy Reading Assistant costs $199.95 and is available only on CD-ROM.

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