With Apple Remote Desktop software for the Mac OS X, teachers and administrators can remotely manage other Macintosh desktops anywhere within the school’s local or wireless network.

The software allows a system administrator to provide remote assistance, collect system profiles, reconfigure computer settings, and install software on hundreds of computers without leaving his or her desk. In addition, teachers can use the software to observe up to 250 computer screens on a rotating cycle of four screens at a time.

Apple Remote Desktop features communication tools, such as real-time text chat, that allow teachers and students to interact privately across the network. The software also lets administrators or teachers take control of a user’s screen to spot and fix problems remotely. Remote Desktop supports multiple levels of administrator access, each with its own password, providing a secure way for teachers to assist students while restricting privileges for deleting items or changing system settings. Teachers and administrators can remotely control computers by locking screens, starting, restarting, sleeping or waking computers on an individual basis or for an entire workgroup or computer lab.

Apple Remote Desktop sells for $299 for 10 clients or $499 for unlimited clients.

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