The GyroRemote, from Gyration Inc., is wireless remote control for computers that offer teachers unprecedented mobility in the classroom. Using the remote, teachers can control PowerPoint presentations or any Windows application from anywhere in the classroom using simple hand gestures.

The GyroRemote, which weighs 6 ounces including batteries, allows users to launch and control supporting applications—such as multimedia players or internet browsers—while walking around the room. It uses radio-frequency technology with a 100-foot range, so it doesn’t require a line of sight to the computer. The GyroRemote also features GyroTools, a special-effects software program that allows teachers to add more than 75 dynamic effects to presentations while in progress—such as drawing lines, highlighting text, or zooming in on portions of the screen.

The GyroRemote works with PCs running Windows 2000, ME, XP, or higher. It has limited functionality with Apple computers; only the cursor control and left mouse button fully function. The suggested retail price is $229, but education pricing is available.

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