Old West meets new technology at “Frontier House”

A hands-on history experience that will challenge students to re-examine their perceptions of the Old West, this web site is the online companion to the six-part PBS series “Frontier House,” which premiered April 29. Visitors to the site can follow along with the Glenn family of Tennessee, the Clune family of California, and the Brooks family of Massachusetts, who headed to Montana in May 2001 to live as 1880s homesteaders with only the tools of the period at their disposal. The web site brings daily frontier existence to life, with engaging history features on topics such as the Homestead Act and life on the trail, penned by producers, historians, and others involved with the series. Educators also will find a series of lesson plans for immediate use in their classrooms. “These standards-based lesson plans have been designed in conjunction with one of our major teacher training initiatives,” said David McCarthy, the site’s producer. “The resulting media-rich lessons move students to another time and place using video, the internet, and other interactive experiences.”

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