Enhancements and expansions are occurring at warp speed at the electronic version of eSchool News. While we’re hard at work creating these improvements, this space in the newspaper will bring you periodic briefings so you don’t miss anything.

We’ll get you up to speed on the new resources and services just becoming available from eSN Online (http://www.eschoolnews.org). It’s all free of charge, of course, for the benefit of K-12 decision makers who read eSchool News and visit eSN Online.

Here’s what’s new at eSN Online:

1. eSN “Assessment and Achievement” Resource Center http://www.eschoolnews.org

With assessment and achievement at the top of the education agenda as never before, eSchool News—with support from Kaplan Inc.—has developed a new Educator’s Resource Center (look for it right on the front page of eSchool News Online). Visit this brand-new online center, where you will …

• Learn how successful school systems are using America’s assessment obsession to advance good, old-fashioned education.

• Find out how one innovative school district is using technology to boost average test scores by 10 percentage points!

• Discover valuable resources on how to cope with the requirements of the new No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB).

• Consult in-depth reports on how and why technology might just be the key role to achieving the demanding goals set forth in the Bush Administration’s education policy.

• Review trends and developments on assessment and achievement from eSchool News’ award-winning journalists and columnists.

• Collect helpful links to the best assessment and achievement content on the web sites of key government agencies, universities, and associations.

• And gather core insights on coping with assessment and boosting achievement from the test-prep and professional-development experts at Kaplan Inc.

Visit the eSN “Assessment & Achievement” Resource Center: Make sure that, in your system, no school is left behind.

2. eSchool News’ Educators Forum bulletin board http://www.eschoolnews.org/cgi-bin/ultimatebb.cgi

• Back by popular demand. The debut of eSN’s brand-new Educators’ Forum bulletin board marks the return, in improved fashion, of our educator-acclaimed List Servs: (A) Integrating Technology Into the Curriculum, (B) Grants & Funding for School Technology, and (C) School Safety & Security. Now, faithful subscribers and new visitors alike will be able to tune in on what their colleagues have to say on these essential topics.

• Marketplace of ideas. In addition to the three venerable List Serv topics just mentioned, you now can launch a discussion on any relevant topic you wish. Already, the topic entitled “School Board Blues” is attracting lots of attention. Educators are encouraged to create and monitor their own subject headings. Post messages and participate in discussions about the latest trends and concerns with colleagues from around the world.

• School Technology Price Watch. Just getting under way is a brand-new service from eSchool News. School technology vendors are being invited to post their best and latest pricing for technology goods and services in a brand-new area of the Educators’ Forum bulletin board. As this service develops, K-12 tech buyers will be able to check out the latest pricing from companies large and small. School Tech Price Watch is designed to be an aid to budgeting and a window into who has the best prices on the technology products and services your schools need.

3. eSchool News Buyer’s Guide http://www.eschoolnews.org/buyersguide

• Comprehensive content. The School Technology Buyer’s Guide has some 3,500 school technology vendors listed in 167 product categories and subcategories. Use the guide to check out potential suppliers and to ensure you send your requests for proposals to all qualified vendors.

• Five-star rating. Now you can rate school technology companies on a five-star scale. This feature provides an opportunity for you to find out what other educators already have learned about thousands of school technology companies from coast to coast.

• Streamlined searching. The easy-to-use search function allows K-12 tech buyers to browse by a product category or simply type a company name into the search box.

• User-friendly company listings. Pull up any company listing to receive free contact information, company statistics, and major product descriptions. Use the Buyer’s Guide to make your job easier. Make the right decisions and make them fast.