The Bush Administration’s “No Child Left Behind” (NCLB) policy brings new regulations for schools seeking federal funding for education. This site from the United States Department of Education is designed to help local policy makers and school leaders answer any questions they might have regarding the new law and its requirements. The site also serves to explain the reasoning behind the administration’s policies to parents and other stakeholders. Educators in search of what the law means for their schools will find relief in the form of an online newsletter and an extensive list of answers to frequently asked questions. The site also provides one-page “fact sheets” on more than a dozen topics, ranging from reading achievement to getting results. To ensure that the law’s language is not misunderstood, a glossary of terms is available for consultation. Other features include a media center section dedicated to helping educators keep track of the latest NCLB-related headlines and developments; a list of key dates to remember; and a briefing on what is happening in each of the 50 states to ensure they comply with the law.