The companion web site to another PBS documentary, “Misunderstood Minds” was designed to teach parents, students, and educators about children with learning disabilities. The site contains profiles of children featured in the documentary, as well as sections designed to highlight potential difficulties in reading, writing, and mathematics. Users with a Flash media player can experience for themselves what it’s like to have a learning disability by clicking on the section entitled “Firsthand.” This interactive feature is intended to put some perspective on the way these children actually feel in the classroom. Try your hand at writing with dyslexia, tracing with coordination problems, and decoding phonemes with a hearing deficiency. The site also includes information about how to help children who experience these problems in school. For most of these children, confidence is a real issue, and many of the site’s resources explore ways that educators can help build students’ self-esteem. Misunderstood Minds also features a section where you can research learning disabilities in greater detail. The “Resources” section provides links to books, professional papers, web sites, and other references that could be useful in helping you understand the problems children with learning disabilities face at school every day.