Adobe Systems Inc., of San Jose, Calif., is a leading producer of illustration and design software.

Visit Adobe’s web site:

(800) 834-3396

See the ad for Adobe on page 21

Advanced Academics, of Oklahoma City, offers accredited secondary education courses to students in grades 6-12 via the internet.

Visit the Advanced Academics web site:

(866) 2-eLEARN

See the ad for Advanced Academics on page 36

Advanced Micro Devices Inc. (AMD), headquartered in Sunnyvale, Calif., is the second-largest supplier of Microsoft Windows-compatible PC processors and a leading supplier of flash memory. Visit the AMD web site:

(800) 538-8450

See the ad for AMD on page 19

AutoSkill International Inc., of Ottawa, Canada, is a leading provider of software-based literacy interventions for underachieving students of any age or ability.

Visit the AutoSkill web site:

(800) 288-6754

See the ad for AutoSkill on page 26

Canon USA Inc., of Lake Success, N.Y., is a leading producer of professional and consumer imaging solutions. Visit Canon’s web site:

(516) 328-4602

See Canon’s ad on page 47

Classroom Connect, located in Brisbane, Calif., sells internet literacy products, online interactive curricula, and resources for integrating the internet into the classroom. Visit the Classroom Connect web site:

(800) 638-1639

See the ad for Classroom Connect on page 43

Compu-Teach Inc., of Redmond, Wash., develops, publishes, and markets educational software for consumer and school markets, with a primary focus on K-12 programs. Visit the Compu-Teach web site:

(800) 448-3224

See the ad for Compu-Teach on page 44

Enterasys Networks Inc., with corporate headquarters in Portsmouth, N.H., provides powerful and intelligent infrastructure solutions for education and enterprise customers. Visit the Enterasys web site:

(603) 501-5500

See the ad for Enterasys on page 15

Excelsior Software Inc., of Greeley, Colo., is the largest company that is solely devoted to the development of electronic gradebook products and accessories.

Visit the Excelsior Software web site:

(800) 473-4572

See the ad for Excelsior Software on page 12

Gateway Inc., of San Diego, is a Fortune 250 company focusing on building lifelong relationships with businesses, schools, and consumers through complete technology personalization.

Visit the Gateway web site:


See the Gateway ad on pages 2 and 3

Generation21, of Golden, Colo., is a wholly owned subsidiary of Renaissance Learning and is the maker of the Total Knowledge Management (TKM) web-based learning system. Visit the Generation21 web site:

(888) 601-1300

See the ad for Generation21 on page 23

Harcourt Inc., headquartered in Orlando, is a global education company serving students and teachers in pre-kindergarten through grade 12, adult learners, and readers of all ages. Visit the Harcourt web site:

(888) 677-7357

See Harcourt’s ad on page 25

Hewlett-Packard Co., of Palo Alto, Calif., is a leading manufacturer of all the essential components of technology infrastructure—servers, storage, imaging and printing, and personal computers and access devices.

Visit the HP web site:

(800) 752-0900

See HP’s ad on page 9

InFocus Corp., of Wilsonville, Ore., is a worldwide leader in digital projection technology and services. Visit the InFocus web site:

(800) 294-6400

See the ad for InFocus on page 7

Inspiration Software Inc., of Portland, Ore., is the No. 1 publisher of visual thinking and learning tools for K-12 education. Visit the Inspiration Software web site:

(800) 877-4292

See the ad for Inspiration Software on page 20

N2H2 Inc., of Seattle, is an internet access management company specializing in fast and scalable filtering solutions. Visit N2H2’s web site:

(800) 971-2622

See N2H2’s ad on page 5

National School Boards Association, of Alexandria, Va., is the sponsor of the 16th Annual Technology + Learning Conference.

Visit the Technology + Learning Conference web site:

(800) 950-6722

See the ad for NSBA’s Technology + Learning Conference on page 38

NCS Learn, of Tucson, Ariz., is a leading provider of educational software and learning solutions to K-12 schools and adult learners.

Visit the NCS Learn web site:

(800) 937-6682

See the ad for NCS Learn on the back cover

Nextel Communications Inc., of Reston, Va., is a provider of fully integrated, all-digital wireless service. Visit the Nextel web site: 639-6111

See the Nextel ad on page 13

Renaissance Learning Inc., of Wisconsin Rapids, Wis., combines learning information systems software, research, and professional development resources to help educators dramatically accelerate learning for all students. Visit Renaissance Learning’s web site:

(800) 338-4204

See the Renaissance Learning ad on page 34

SafeSchool Solutions, of Naperville, Ill., is a leading-edge provider of security solutions for education. Visit the SafeSchool Solutions web site:

(877) 494-0787

See the ad for SafeSchool Solutions on page 10

Sassafras Software, of Hanover, N.H., is the maker of KeyServer, a solution that tracks and meters software use. Visit the Sassafras Software web site:

(603) 643-3351

See the ad for Sassafras Software on page 29

Scholastic Inc., headquartered in New York City, is a global children’s publishing and media company in both education and entertainment.

Visit the Scholastic web site:


See the ad for Scholastic on page 11

SMART Technologies Inc., of Calgary, is a market leader in developing products for shared spaces, including the SMART Board, an electronic interactive whiteboard. Visit the SMART Technologies web site:

(888) 42-SMART

See the SMART Technologies ad on page 18

SonicWALL Inc., of Sunnyvale, Calif., designs, develops, and manufactures comprehensive internet security solutions. Visit the SonicWALL web site:

(888) 557-6642

See SonicWALL’s ad on page 22

Sun Microsystems Inc., of Santa Clara, Calif., is a leading provider of hardware, software, and services that make the ‘Net work.

Visit the Sun Microsystems web site:

(800) 555-9SUN

See the ad for Sun Microsystems on page 17

SurfControl, of Scotts Valley, Ariz., provides filtering software that enables schools to manage internet access and provide a productive and safe environment. Visit SurfControl’s web site:

(800) 828-2608

See the SurfControl ad on page 14

TASADA Solutions, of Atlanta, builds technology systems that leverage information to support decision-making at all levels of K-12 education. Visit the TASADA Solutions web site:

(770) 719-0253

See the ad for TASADA Solutions on page 39

Telemate.Net Software, of Atlanta, is a division of Verso Technologies Inc. and the creators of the NetSpective web filtering and reporting product. Visit the Telemate.Net web site:

(770) 936-3700

See the ad for Telemate.Net on page 16

Thinkronize, of Cincinnati, is an internet developer of award-winning online educational products. Visit the Thinkronize web site:

(877) 517-1125

See the ad for Thinkronize on page 24