Keep student information in the palm of your hand with Learner Profile to Go

New student assessment and information management software from Sunburst Technology enables teachers to keep computerized, real-time records of student progress on a Palm OS device, then transfer this information later to a desktop computer.

With Learner Profile to Go 3.0, a companion application to Sunburst’s Learner Profile 3.0 software, teachers can use their handheld devices to track students’ homework, attendance, lab work, tests, quizzes, presentations, and extra-credit assignments. They can also measure observables, such as behavior and classroom participation, as they interact with students, accurately capturing performance data as its occurs.

The software’s grade book feature is linked to the attendance tracker, so teachers can set up a policy for how attendance would be reflected automatically in students’ grades. Best of all, by capturing observations using a handheld computer, teachers won’t have to spend time typing any notes.

Once teachers have finished making their observations, they can download the data using their handheld device’s HotSync function into Learner Profile, a database and report-making tool that runs on the desktop computer. On the computer, teachers can create targeted instructional strategies, generate customized reports from any of 14 templates, and communicate accomplishments with administrators, parents, and students more easily. Bundled together, versions 3.0 of Learner Profile and Learner Profile to Go cost $449.95.

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View educational videos on demand with, a video subscription service from Evanston, Ill.-based United Learning, gives educators access to thousands of movies and video clips over the web. By searching the company’s database, users can locate grade- and subject-specific content and view the videos right on their computers by downloading them onto their desktops, local server, or by live streaming over the web. Most videos can be viewed with either QuickTime or Windows Media Player.

The subscription service’s most unique feature is that teachers can download only the segments they want, instead of the whole film, saving both time and bandwidth. Each video has been indexed, which gives the option of viewing the entire program or watching just a short clip.

The videos are all aligned to state standards, so teachers quickly can check to see how a particular video clip meets their learning objectives. Many videos are available with closed captioning. Also, school districts with their own video collections can upload their content to United Learning’s servers, so teachers and students can access all of the district’s content from a single location.

United Learning recently added more than 30 math titles, 73 environmental videos, and 30 brand-new titles in science, social studies, guidance, and health, bringing its total collection to more than 1,200 full-length videos and 12,000 clips.

An annual subscription for unlimited use of starts at $975 for a K-8 school and $2,200 for a high school. Discounts are available on multiple-school subscriptions.

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Help reading-challenged students succeed with Kurzweil 3000

Kurzweil Educational Systems of Bedford, Mass., a leading developer of reading technology for students who are blind or have difficulty reading, has released a new version of its Kurzweil 3000 scanning, reading, and writing solution.

The enhanced version 6.0 uses a multisensory approach to give students with poor reading skills, dyslexia, and other learning disabilities more flexibility in accessing and comprehending print and web content. The software highlights text on the user’s computer screen as it reads the text aloud. Students can adjust the speed at which the text is spoken and can choose from a variety of reading voices. The software also features a built-in pronunciation editor, so users can adjust the pronunciation of specific words and proper names.

Kurzweil 3000 gives students more independence with features such as audible spell-checking and word prediction to help them write. It also contains study-skill tools, such as on-screen color markers, annotation notes, sticky notes, voice notes, and bookmarks. The software supports PDF files, and students even can use it to compose eMail.

Kurzweil offers “floating” software licenses, so students can log on anywhere throughout the school. The Kurzweil 3000 Color Learning Lab Pak costs $539 per seat, but volume discounts are available.

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Manage your entire business operation with NCS4School Business

Imagine having a comprehensive, web-based software solution to manage all financial, procurement, and human-resources functions of your school district from a single source. The NCS4School Business solution, from Mesa, Ariz.-based NCS Learn—a division of NCS Pearson—promises to deliver just that.

NCS4School Business is a fully integrated suite of online applications designed for the K-12 business office. It consists of three application modules: Finance, Procurement, and Human Resources. The software is accessible from a single web portal, and administrators can use it to track projects and grants across multiple fiscal years.

The NCS4School Finance applications offer secure, real-time access to financial data via the internet. The suite includes general ledger, budgeting, accounts payable, cash ledger, asset management, accounts receivable, billing, cost allocation, project and activity accounting, grant management, and financial report writer applications.

NCS4School Procurement covers purchasing, requisitions, receiving, invoice matching, inventory control, and work order management. The software’s Human Resources suite helps districts manage HR functions from employee recruitment to retirement. The suite addresses benefits administration, payroll, personnel administration, position management, professional development, and health and safety management.

The NCS4School Business solution is scalable for large and small school districts without compromising security, reliability, or performance, according to the company. NCS Learn also provides implementation, training, data conversion, and technical support.

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