Through August 31, Canon USA Inc. is running a special promotion for schools: Upon the purchase of one of these two new digital projectors from the company, educators also will receive a free Canon Powershot A10 digital camera, a $195 value.

The Canon LV-X1 is a six-pound portable projector for use in the classroom or on the road, featuring XGA-quality (1024 x 768) resolution and 1,100 lumens for a bright, detailed image. Teachers will find amenities such as a wireless remote and a graphic user interface helpful in running their presentations. The projector automatically detects video add-on components and adjusts for picture clarity. To cut down on background noise, the projector includes a feature for fan speed control.

Canon’s “Turbo Bright” LV-7345 is more powerful than the LV-X1. This eight-pound projector can produce 2,100 lumens. Power zoom and focus and digital keystone correction let you automatically adjust the image. Other features include compatibility with Macintosh and PC workstations, including UNIX operating systems, and a wireless remote control with mouse operating functions.

The special education price for the Canon LV-X1 is $2,162 and for the LV-7345 is $3,500. Go to the Canon web site to find the closest dealer near you, or contact the company directly with questions.

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