InFocus Corp. has released a new software program, called ProjectorNet, that enables users to manage their entire fleet of InFocus projectors remotely over an internet protocol (IP) network, saving time and reducing total cost of ownership over the long haul.

ProjectorNet allows you to troubleshoot and control any of the company’s installed projectors from a single location. Using the software, you can remotely change the presentation source from a laptop to a DVD player, for example, or shut down a projector that is not in use. You can also schedule projectors to shut down automatically at the end of the day or during holidays.

The software also helps you keep projectors functioning. You can set it up to send notification via eMail directly to a service provider when a bulb or filter needs changing. If a projector is disconnected from the network, the software sends an alert message to the appropriate administrator. A “command broadcast” feature lets you command a single projector at a time or a small group; for example, all projectors on the first floor can be turned off without affecting other projectors in a building.

ProjectorNet is available at a one-time fee for five seats, 20 seats, 50 seats, or as a site license for $999, $2,800, $6,000, and $8,000, respectively. It comes with a 90-day warranty on media and free phone support for two years.

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