Keep student information in the palm of your hand with Learner Profile to Go

New student assessment and information management software from Sunburst Technology enables teachers to keep computerized, real-time records of student progress on a Palm OS device, then transfer this information later to a desktop computer.

With Learner Profile to Go 3.0, a companion application to Sunburst’s Learner Profile 3.0 software, teachers can use their handheld devices to track students’ homework, attendance, lab work, tests, quizzes, presentations, and extra-credit assignments. They can also measure observables, such as behavior and classroom participation, as they interact with students, accurately capturing performance data as its occurs.

The software’s grade book feature is linked to the attendance tracker, so teachers can set up a policy for how attendance would be reflected automatically in students’ grades. Best of all, by capturing observations using a handheld computer, teachers won’t have to spend time typing any notes.

Once teachers have finished making their observations, they can download the data using their handheld device’s HotSync function into Learner Profile, a database and report-making tool that runs on the desktop computer. On the computer, teachers can create targeted instructional strategies, generate customized reports from any of 14 templates, and communicate accomplishments with administrators, parents, and students more easily. Bundled together, versions 3.0 of Learner Profile and Learner Profile to Go cost $449.95.

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