NEC Technologies’ RT50X compact rear projection system is pricier than the other systems we’ve spotlighted, but it combines a projection unit and a large-screen display into a single, self-contained, fully portable system that can be transported anywhere in the school with the proper computer hookups already intact and ready to run.

The first compact rear projection unit to offer applications for video and data at just 18 inches deep—and the only self-contained unit for these applications with a 50-inch display—the RT50X gives teachers the ability to project images and data where space is limited and lighting conditions are less than ideal, according to the company. At 103 pounds, it can be mounted on a wall or ceiling or transported from class to class on a cart.

The system’s LCD-based rear screen technology prevents images from burning onto the lens during extended displays of motionless or static images, ensuring that image quality will not degrade over time. The RT50X costs $9,995, but through an agreement with the SMARTer Kids Foundation, schools are eligible for grants of up to 39 percent of the cost (see page 31 for more information).

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