View educational videos on demand with, a video subscription service from Evanston, Ill.-based United Learning, gives educators access to thousands of movies and video clips over the web. By searching the company’s database, users can locate grade- and subject-specific content and view the videos right on their computers by downloading them onto their desktops, local server, or by live streaming over the web. Most videos can be viewed with either QuickTime or Windows Media Player.

The subscription service’s most unique feature is that teachers can download only the segments they want, instead of the whole film, saving both time and bandwidth. Each video has been indexed, which gives the option of viewing the entire program or watching just a short clip.

The videos are all aligned to state standards, so teachers quickly can check to see how a particular video clip meets their learning objectives. Many videos are available with closed captioning. Also, school districts with their own video collections can upload their content to United Learning’s servers, so teachers and students can access all of the district’s content from a single location.

United Learning recently added more than 30 math titles, 73 environmental videos, and 30 brand-new titles in science, social studies, guidance, and health, bringing its total collection to more than 1,200 full-length videos and 12,000 clips.

An annual subscription for unlimited use of starts at $975 for a K-8 school and $2,200 for a high school. Discounts are available on multiple-school subscriptions.

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