Let students’ imaginations roam at “Science Knows No Boundaries”

This new site from the United States Department of Agriculture gives students a chance to explore the use of science throughout the world. It enables kids to hunt for bugs in Australia, check in on some of the latest environmental studies in India or Nepal, research bio-control efforts in France, and drop in on many other projects currently underway around the globe. The site includes interactive slide shows designed to explain how the scientists come about their findings. It also includes a section where young scientists can quiz themselves on what they know and research information about different scientific careers. The site provides students with a library of possible science project ideas to get them started in their research. Teachers, too, will find useful information on the site’s “Teachers Desk.” This section provides updated lesson ideas designed to work in concert with the site’s science stories and slide shows. The information on the site is designed for students ages eight to 13 but includes links to content that is more advanced in nature.

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