July 5-7

San Diego. 2002 ESRI Education User Conference. Educators who use geographic information system (GIS) technology in their schools will have a unique opportunity to discuss their findings with peers and discover new classroom uses for mapping technology at this event. The conference also aims to answer any questions educators have about GIS and explore ways to implement the technology more efficiently.

Contact: (909) 793-2853, ext.1-2624


July 14-17

Baltimore. Rural, Small School System Leaders Conference. Sponsored by the American Association of School Administrators, this conference features technology and management content useful for superintendents of small or rural school districts. Sessions will address concepts such as data-driven decision making and using Palm handhelds to manage information.

Contact: (703) 875-0769


July 20-21

Seattle. Exploring the Future of Learning: A ThinkQuest Live Event. Co-hosted by the University of Washington and Advanced Network and Services, the nonprofit organization that created the internationally renowned ThinkQuest competitions, this event offers an in-depth exploration of today’s most promising emerging technologies—and the opportunities and challenges they bring to the future of learning. The event will combine an interactive technology and learning laboratory with a series of in-depth discussions facilitated by a group of leading ed-tech thinkers.

Contact: ajustham@learningspace.org


July 24-26

Arlington, Va. Society for Applied Learning Technology (SALT) Education Technology 2002 Conference. The Education Technology 2002 conference will continue SALT’s practice of bringing professionals from the education, industry, and government communities together to present information on their accomplishments in the areas of technology-based learning systems, management systems, research, and applications. Focus areas will include knowledge management and instructional systems development, technical skills training, and eLearning.

Contact: (540) 347-0055


July 25-27

Philadelphia. EDVentures 2002. Sponsored in part by the Association of Education Practitioners and Providers, this 12th annual conference will focus on entrepreneurship and new or developing opportunities in the education marketplace. Workshops and panel topics will include the virtual classroom, education reform legislation, funding, curriculum and accreditation. Attendees will have the opportunity to hear from more than 80 industry professionals and participate in 30 different discussion panels in all.

Contact: (800) 252-3280



Aug. 14-16

Madison, Wis. 18th Annual Conference on Distance Teaching & Learning. Sponsored by the University of Wisconsin-Madison, this conference will offer more than 150 workshops, advanced seminars, cracker-barrel discussions, and information sessions that will examine a wide range of practical applications, teaching methods, course designs, innovative solutions, and emerging technologies in distance education.

Contact: (608) 265-4159


Aug. 14-16

Orlando. International Security Conference & Exposition 2002. This conference, sponsored by Security Industry Association, will focus on technological advancements in security systems. The event will allow educators to explore new ways to improve security in their schools. More than 500 exhibitors will be on hand to showcase the latest developments in security technologies for school, business, and personal use.

Contact: (800) 840-5602



Sept. 12-13

Oklahoma City. Encyclo-Media Conference 2002. This annual conference sponsored by the Oklahoma Department of Education is expected to bring together more than 3,200 participants and 400 vendors for two days of discussions and breakout programs designed to improve educational technology in schools.

Contact: (405) 521-2957


Sept. 22-25

Los Angeles. EdNET 2002. Sponsored by the Heller Reports, this business leadership forum gives industry executives a place to discuss trends on the business side of educational technology. Forums, roundtables, and discussion groups will focus on market trends, funding sources, new technologies, and activities of key players in the industry. The conference is billed as an opportunity for business leaders to forge key relationships with colleagues, potential customers, and government officials.

Contact: (847) 674-6282