Enhancements and expansions are occurring at warp speed at the electronic version of eSchool News. While we’re hard at work creating these improvements, this space in the newspaper will bring you periodic briefings so you don’t miss anything.

We’ll get you up to speed on the new resources and services just becoming available from eSN Online (http://www.eschoolnews.org). It’s all free of charge, of course, for the benefit of K-12 decision makers who read eSchool News and visit eSN Online.

eSchool News Forums http://www.eschoolnews.com/cgi-bin/ultimatebb.cgi

Nothing beats the candor, currency, and swift communication of peer-to-peer collaboration. Now eSchool News provides yet another way to exchange news and views with your fellow school executives. The brand-new eSchool News Forums are designed just for you. They’re flexible, dynamic, and free. Here’s where you’re in charge. We’ve created 12 discussion topics based on the many requests from readers, but our new online bulletin board allows you to start any relevant topic you like. Participate with as much or as little public identification as you choose.

Here are the eSchool News Forums that are ready for you right now:

EDUCATOR DISCUSSION AREA—lively dialog on core issues such as:

• Best Practices in School Technology— Educators share technology strategies

that work best for them

• Worst Practices in School Technology— As a service to colleagues, educators share technology lessons from the school of hard knocks

• School Board Confidential— Anecdotes and antidotes of school board- challenged educators

• Significant Issues & Emerging Trends— Educators weigh in on important ideas, developments, and topics

• Tech Tips and Tricks— Time-savers & life-savers for tech-savvy educators

• Story Ideas for eSchool News— Suggest subjects for coverage in the eSchool News family of print and electronic publications

And back by popular demand . . .

The debut of the eSchool News Forums marks the return—in improved fashion—of our educator acclaimed ListServs. Now, faithful subscribers and new visitors alike will be able to tune in on what their colleagues have to say on these essential topics:

• Integrating Technology into the Curriculum— Educators share ideas on making technology a seamless part of instruction

• Grants & Funding for School Technology— Educators share tricks, tips, sources, and strategies on getting grants and raising money for school technology

• School Safety & Security— Discussions on keeping students, school personnel, and school property safe and secure


• Comments on Hardware Companies —Unvarnished opinions from educators about their hardware suppliers

• Comments on Software Companies —Unvarnished opinions from educators about their software

• Comments on Other Technology Companies — Unvarnished opinions from educators on consulting firms, integrators, and other school tech vendors