The Rural Utilities Service (RUS) announces a $20 million pilot grant program for broadband transmission service in rural America.

For fiscal year 2002, $20 million in grants will be made available through a national competition to applicants proposing to provide broadband transmission service on a “community-oriented connectivity” basis. This approach will target rural, economically- challenged communities and offer a means for the deployment of broadband transmission services to rural schools, libraries, education centers, health care providers, law enforcement agencies, public safety organizations as well as residents and businesses. This all-encompassing connectivity concept will give small, rural communities a chance to benefit from the advanced technologies that are necessary to foster economic growth, provide quality education and health care opportunities, and increase and enhance public safety efforts.

Applications for grants will be accepted until November 5, 2002. All applications must be delivered to RUS or bear postmark no later than November 5, 2002.

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