This PBS-sponsored site is the educational complement to eight hours of programming dedicated to exploring the diversity of animal life on Earth. “The Shape of Life” contains video clips from each of the eight episodes and takes students from the evolution of the single-celled organism through the mystery of the human body. Students can research creatures such as flatworms and can look at pictures of animals from water-dwelling sponges to tree-climbing primates. The Activities and Resources section comes with step-by-step directions for a variety of crafts and projects. Students can make their own jellyfish out of paper plates or perform an experiment to determine whether snails have a sense of smell. For research purposes, an Explorations and Scientists section contains short interviews with leading scientists and briefly explains their latest research endeavors. The site also contains a comprehensive glossary of biological terms and invites students to explore in detail the eight major classifications of life on Earth. Students wishing to further their discovery will find links to more advanced materials. The site is designed for students of all ages and features appropriate content for children from kindergarten through high school.

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