Find high-quality donated computers at “Share the Technology”

Share the Technology—a nonprofit organization focused on recycling used technology—has announced a new web site where educators in need of computer technology can turn to locate second-hand donations or contribute old machines to a pool for redistribution. All kinds of computer hardware and software can be donated and found on the site. Do you worry about receiving out-of-date technology? Don’t. To keep schools from digressing back to the Stone Age, the organization only recycles PCs that run on Pentium processors and Mac Power PCs or better. Other acceptable products include keyboards, inkjet and laser printers, hard drives, scanners, mice, and modems. Software donations are only accepted if the products are available as original copies, complete with manuals and licensing materials. Visitors who plan to frequent the site will find help in the form of a news section, which reveals major donations made and reviews other happenings or developments within the organization.

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