Improve parental involvement with “Connect for Success”

Building partnerships and alliances with parents can be a daunting task, especially for inexperienced teachers. Now, a new toolkit, funded in part by Met Life, aims to make these efforts easier. Teachers can turn to “Connect for Success: Building a Teacher, Parent, Teen Alliance” to research strategies and take advantage of tools geared toward encouraging parental involvement and participation. This free resource, available in the form of an online book, contains a number of charts, statistics, proven theories, and new suggestions for teachers who are unsure how to approach their students’ parents. The online toolkit confronts a number of issues, including helping parents understand how to advance their child’s education, dealing with children and parents from different cultural backgrounds, creating engaging activities, and constructing ways to encourage extended learning at home. The program was designed specifically for teachers in impoverished middle and high schools, but a majority of the content is relevant for educators in any number of institutional settings.

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