Inspire a love of science with “Ology”

There are all kinds of “ologies” in the field of science, from biology and psychology to archeology and pathology. Now, aspiring young scientists have a resource that explains the various jobs and interests of these researchers, allowing kids to decide which path—if any—is right for them. Sponsored in part by the National Museum of Natural History, Ology lets students learn about cloning by exploring the genetic code on its “The Gene Scene” section. Or, if astronomy is more to their liking, kids can research the planets and stars at “Our Place in Space.” For life science, “Everything Counts” includes sections on biodiversity and animal classification. And a paleontology unit, appropriately entitled “The Big Dig,” provides resources about historical excavations. What’s more, a “Meet the Ologists” page contains profiles of several professional and student scientists, from experienced biologists to aspiring astronomers, giving kids an opportunity to explore other peoples’ passions and discover new topics of interest for themselves.

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