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3Com Corp., with headquarters in Santa Clara, Calif., provides top-notch computer networking solutions for schools and businesses. Visit 3Com’s web site:
(800) 638-3266
See 3Com’s ad on page 14

Adobe Systems Inc., of San Jose, Calif., is a leading producer of illustration and design software. Visit Adobe’s web site:
(800) 834-3396
See the ads for Adobe on pages 10 and 12

Advanced Micro Devices Inc., headquartered in Sunnyvale, Calif., is the second-largest supplier of Microsoft Windows-compatible PC processors and a leading supplier of flash memory. Visit the AMD web site:
(800) 538-8450
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AITech International Corp., of Freemont, Calif., sells a suite of PC-to-TV and wireless AV networking products that let teachers integrate PowerPoint presentations and other visual learning effects at a fraction of the cost of projectors. Visit the AITech web site:
(800) 882-8184, ext. 208
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Canon USA Inc., of Lake Success, N.Y., is a leading producer of professional and consumer imaging solutions. Visit Canon’s web site:
(516) 328-5000
See Canon’s ad on page 55

Dell Computer Corp., of Round Rock, Texas, is the world’s leading direct-sales computer company. Visit Dell’s web site:
(800) 822-6078
See Dell’s ad on page 24

Gateway Inc., of San Diego, is a Fortune 250 company focusing on building lifelong relationships with businesses, schools, and consumers through complete technology personalization. Visit the Gateway web site:
See the Gateway ad on pages 8 and 9

Great Barrier Reef, of Joplin, Mo., is a professional internet service provider offering unlimited, high-speed internet access at low cost along with multiple eMail accounts, web hosting, and free 24-7 technical support. Visit Great Barrier Reef’s web site:
(887) 213-8289
See the ad for Great Barrier Reef on page 18

Hewlett-Packard Co., of Palo Alto, Calif., is a leading manufacturer of all the essential components of technology infrastructure—servers, storage, management software, imaging and printing, personal computers, and personal access devices. Visit the HP web site:
(800) 752-0900
See HP’s ad on pages 2 and 3

Hi Resolution Systems Ltd., of Columbia, Ill., has been creating and marketing software solutions for Macintosh operating systems since 1989. Visit the Hi Resolution Systems web site:
(800) 455-0888
See the Hi Resolution Systems ads on pages 16 and 19

InFocus Corp., of Wilsonville, Ore., is a worldwide leader in digital projection technology and services. Visit the InFocus web site:
(800) 294-6400
See the ad for InFocus on page 5

Inventive Communications, of Wayne, Neb., offers such products as INET Library, one of the world’s largest educational resources on the internet, and INET Classroom, a teaching aid to help educators access the infinite resources of the web. Visit Inventive Communications’ web site:
(800) 411-4337
See the Inventive Communications ad on page 20

N2H2 Inc., of Seattle, is an internet access management company specializing in fast and scalable filtering solutions. Visit N2H2’s web site:
(800) 971-2622
See N2H2’s ad on page 17

The National Association of Partners in Education, of Alexandria, Va., is a national organization devoted to providing leadership within the field of education and promoting partnerships between schools and businesses. Visit NAPE’s web site:
(703) 836-4880
See the National Association of Partners in Education ad on page 34

NCS Learn, of Tucson, Ariz., is a leading provider of educational software and learning solutions to K-12 schools and adult learners. Visit the NCS Learn web site:
(800) 937-6682
See the ad for NCS Learn on the back cover

Nextel Communications Inc., of Reston, Va., is a provider of fully integrated, all-digital wireless service. Visit the Nextel web site:
(800) 639-6111
See the Nextel ad on page 21

Renaissance Learning Inc., of Wisconsin Rapids, Wis., combines learning information systems software, research, and professional development resources to help educators dramatically accelerate learning for all students. Visit Renaissance Learning’s web site:
(800) 338-4204
See the Renaissance Learning ad on page 22

Riverdeep-The Learning Company, of Cambridge, Mass., is a leading publisher of interactive education products for the K-12 market. Visit the Riverdeep-The Learning Company web sites:
(800) 825-4420
See the ad for Riverdeep-The Learning Company on page 11

Scholastic Inc., headquartered in New York City, is a global children’s publishing and media company in both education and entertainment. Visit the Scholastic web site:
See the ad for Scholastic on page 13

SurfControl, of Scotts Valley, Ariz., provides filtering software that enables schools to manage internet access and provide a productive and safe environment. Visit SurfControl’s web site:
(800) 828-2608
See the SurfControl ads on pages 27, 29, and 31

Top Bulb, part of the Gray Supply Co. of Chicago, has been the source for popular as well as hard-to-find light bulbs and related products for more than 70 years. Top Bulb’s extensive inventory of more than 250,000 bulbs means same-day shipment for most orders. Visit Top Bulb’s web site:
(800) 867-2852
See the ad for Top Bulb on page 35

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