Features that make personal digital assistants (PDAs) so useful—such as their portability and easy access to critical information—also make them highly susceptible to loss and theft.To protect any sensitive school data stored on a PDA, Asynchrony Software of St. Louis, Mo., has created a security package called PDA Defense, which offers easy-to-use, multi-layered security for Palm, Pocket PC, and Blackberry devices.

PDA Defense is flexible, allowing users to choose which databases or files to encrypt, as well as which algorithm is used. The software uses industry-standard encryption (64-bit on the Standard version, 128- or 512-bit on the Professional and Enterprise versions), while maximizing performance and response time by decrypting databases only when needed, instead of all at once (a feature the company calls “decryption-on-demand”). Pricing begins at $30 per user for a minimum order of 50 users.

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