Educators looking for a portable, compact videoconferencing unit that works with Windows-based PCs need look no further than the Vista MX Media Station, from VTEL Products Corp. of Austin, Texas. The Vista MX is small enough to sit on top of a 27-inch monitor, works with a wired or optional wireless network, and is easy to install and move from room to room.

All Vista MX systems are dual-monitor ready and capable of S-Video and XGA-quality (1024 x 768) resolution. The Vista MX features an integrated pan-tilt-zoom camera that boasts a rapid, quiet motion, 40-times zoom, and a wide-angle lens. It also includes a built-in CD-ROM drive and three USB ports, which allow easy integration of USB devices such as DVD players, floppy disk drives, printers, and pocket-size, removable flash memory devices. As with all of the company’s systems, the Vista MX can be used as a presentation tool when not engaged in a video call.

Students in Butler, Pa., use the Vista MX for foreign language classes, and dozens of Oklahoma classrooms use the system to connect to the state’s network, VTEL said. Every Vista product includes a standard, 36-month hardware parts replacement and VTEL software warranty. Additionally, VTEL is offering a trade-in program that allows users of older videoconferencing technology to migrate easily and affordably to the Vista MX and other soon-to-be-announced Vista products.
The suggested retail price for the base model Vista MX is $11,500.

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