School Districts frustrated with long and difficult repair times for their technology-based equipment need a way to significantly reduce their paperwork and ultimately get their equipment up and running again. Service Manager 1.0 from Great Lakes Software does exactly that.

The software lets teachers send technology repair requests instantaneously by connecting teachers directly to the repair or IT department from any workstation, rather than losing valuable time making phone calls and sending multiple eMails to the repair department. Once a repair request is sent from the workstation, a repair technician instantly receives a work-order complete with an audio alert. The system allows both the user and the technician to communicate clearly and with efficiency, minimizing the time it takes for repair requests to be processed and ultimately completed.

School districts can also use Service Manager in conjunction with the Inventory PDA Module, which gives users the ability to scan inventory using a pocket PC platform and allows districts to rapidly complete inventory checks. The Inventory PDA Module also gives users the ability to run reports for administrative meetings, enabling technical people to update inventory databases.

GLS Service Manager costs $4,000.00 for each individual department license (IT Department, Maintenance Department, etc.) with unlimited users within the department. Mention seeing GLS Service Manager in eSchool News and receive a $500.00 discount off the Service Manager License price. (Offer
good for the month of September only).

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